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  • The model measures up to 6 Variables (5 of your own choice) by Business Resource by Day. ‘Charge’ (Revenue) already exists as the first Variable position and it can be measured against costs and/or non-financial variables such as time, distance, etc – which can also have their own comparisons. A Business Resource can be a fixed asset or a person
  • There is the option to split Business Resources into a maximum of 4 Categories. Each Category can have up to 3 Sub-Categories. A maximum of 12 Business Resources can be grouped into each Sub- Category
  • Business Resources can be added or taken out at any time

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  • Create up to 6 Ratios, using these Variables, which will be shown by Business Resource by Day
  • Compare Current Week Variables and Ratios to Historical Weekly Averages
  • Measure Current Week Variables and Ratios against Weekly Targets
  • The model includes various Summaries by Category and Sub-Category
  • The Ratios can be changed to use any of the other existing Variables at any time without the Historical Data being affected
  • Miscellaneous Charges (Revenue) and Lent Out Resources (Internal) Charges are shown separately so they don’t impact on Core Business Activity comparisons
  • Abbreviated versions of the reports are also available to run which hide the 2 Variables and 2 Ratios in the third column of data for the purpose of being able to distribute the reports to a business associate to whom parts of the data could be confidential
  • A macro will clear the data and roll the Model forward in readiness for the next week’s data to be entered
  • The model can also be used to analyse data over a set number of days or weeks and then the process repeated as required by changing to the new Start Date which will clear the historical data
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