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Accounting solutions models that achieve competitive advantages

Time, money, expertise, simplicity of use & information value.

Accounting Measures is a selection of 3 models that can be used for fundamental, ongoing business needs. The models are built as Excel Workbooks using Visual Basic Applications and are fully automated – rolling forward for each new cycle as required. They are supplied on CD’s with 12-18 page User Guide booklets for easy reference.

The models can be applied to any business (starting file sizes shown in brackets). Videos are on the Products pages :-

    Profit & Loss Forecasts – Budgets (16,300KB) – for forecasting
    Video 27min

  • More accurate projections, easily identifiable assumptions, no manual phasing, many different report sets
  • Weekly Business Analysis (21,200KB) – for KPI’s
    Video 19min

  • Shows utilisation of assets, highlights any potential revenue not billed, shows KPI’s against targets and averages
  • Employees & Resources Charge Allocations (14,400KB) – for charge rates
    Video 13min

  • Highlights any chargeable time not billed, shows cumulative project costs, allows separate groupings of projects
  • The models have many features and extensive functionality as described on the individual product pages.