» Order Information

Invoices will be issued for Orders that are received.

The Business Name and Business Area details also need to be provided. The Business Area is shown as a Business Unit on the Profit & Loss Forecasts – Budgets model and as a Section of the Business Unit on the Weekly Business Analysis and Employees & Resources Charge Allocations models.

This is also explained together with the Data Capacity Levels for each model on the Price List page. Care should be taken to ensure these details are spelt correctly as those titles will appear on the reports.

Use a different Order Form for different Business Names.

Products will be sent by standard courier to be delivered in Australia within 7 working days from receipt of payment.

Support will be provided also using the above email address.

Also use the User Guides, the FAQ’s page and the demonstration videos here on the website and the cell prompts in the models and message boxes in the macros for any assistance.