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  • The model keeps a register of Hourly Charges by Allocation Area (cost centre or project) for up to a maximum of 14 Employees and 6 other Business Resources (subcontractors, fixed assets, etc)
  • Up to a maximum of 52 Allocation Areas can be split into as many as 3 Sub-Groups. There is also another Sub-Group for non-chargeable time
  • Employees, Resources and Charge Allocation Areas can be added at any time, or taken out at the commencement of each year
  • Individual Employee and Resource Hourly Charge Rates can be changed at any time

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  • The model includes Employee Charge Summaries for each Employee to enter their Hours worked against each Allocation Area by Day. Resource Charge Summaries are also completed in the same way. When each period is rolled forward any new information is updated into these Charge Summaries for the new period in advance as well as creating master copies of these for distribution
  • Cumulative totals for the year are shown
  • The model includes Allocation Area Summaries by Month
  • A macro will clear the data in readiness for each new year
  • The model can be used for external and internal charging (cost allocations as well)
  • The model can also be used over a set number of days or months to obtain data for activity based costing purposes

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