» About The Writer

Mark Perry B.Bus (CPA)

Writer of models


  • Bachelor of Business Degree at University of Technology, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Major in Accounting
  • Sub-Major in Operations Management
  • CPA with elective subjects being Management Information Systems, Management Accounting & Auditing

Overview of Work History

  • 20 years experience in private industry in various industry sectors

Areas of Experience

  • Analyst work
  • Assessing computer skills levels of staff and providing necessary training
  • Budgeting
  • Businesses with high levels of growth and diversification
  • Changes to reporting years
  • Cost Drivers
  • Creation and tailoring of workbook models and ensuring they are user friendly
  • Customer Growth & Retention
  • Development areas requiring cost recovery from both external and internal sources
  • Forecasting to product line levels using trends as well as scenario analysis
  • High levels of result segregation
  • Improvements to systems and procedures to streamline administrative functions:-
    • with previously un-reconciled areas of the business including account reconstruction
    • in order to save costs and cover for staff turnovers
    • to free up management by allowing more tasks to be delegated to their subordinates
  • Internal audit
  • KPI Reporting with financial and non-financial data
  • Large companies with high levels of internal charging
  • Mergers
  • Project Work
  • Shared administration areas
  • Startup businesses including construction works
  • Weekly Reporting